The Band

The Dream Warriors brings its high energy rock show to the stage in an arena spectacular! 

The show is designed with one purpose: to provide high quality, 100% rock music from the 1960s to now. We are a backing-track free zone - this is about feeling it live.

Kathy - Vocals 

Rusty - Guitar / Vocals

Timmy - Drums

Luke - Bass / Vocals

David  - Keys


The Story


For hundreds of years, I’ve been touring my show,  

From Paris to Rio, I’ve charmed friend and foe.  


It changed for the worse in ‘83,  

Las Vegas was the place, the victim was me.  


I signed a contract, with Lucifer’s nation,  

A century of service, hell the only vacation.  


He asked for a circus, rock and roll at its core,  

A band of musicians, ready for war.  


So I signed up a band, did whatever it took,  

Sex, drugs and money the easiest hooks.  


We’ve travelled the world, done Lucifer’s work,  

Now it’s time, to see what it’s worth.  


I’m looking for love, acountess in a gown,  

That’s why we’re here, in your hard rocking town.  


So don’t stay sitting, get up on the floor,  

And show me your moves,  

Before hell’s crew comes in the door.


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